Four new releases made in our studio

In last three months four new albums made out from our studio!

– Andrea Fedeli “Overland 15”

Original soundtrack from Overland’s 2014 (here RAI television streaming)

We made mastering for all tracks

– MaMi duo “Tango & Co.”

A couple of great musicians, Cristina Mirkovic (violin) and Nadio Marenco (accordeon), plays tango and slavic songs.

Promo video 1 of 2

Promo video 2 of 2

We recorded and mixed all tracks

– Aspis Choir  “Se Chanto”

Amazing choir sing traditional songs and original adaption of popular music.

We recorded in external locations and mixed almost all tracks, we made mastering.

– Warfari “The Beginning of a Story is Always Unwritten”

This is the first step of Warfari’s project, with several acoustic version of many rock standard songs.

We recorded and mixed almost all tracks, we made mastering.

Warfari official Youtube channel


Technical backstage on IUATWEST blog


I wrote several post about my work’s technical backstage on my IUATWEST blog.

You’ll find all the post links at the bottom, enjoy it!

05 january 2014 I’ll start with new article about my eighties analog consolle D&R Dayner.

Happy new year!