We chose Emes which audio monitoring with a main system (Blue HR + sub Amber HR) and a nearfield system (Violet HR). Also we use Yamaha NS-10 and Mixcube Avantone (like Auratone).

About Emes monitor see iuatwset.com blog here

It’s possible mix ITB (In The Box), in other words with DAW and plug-ins, or OTB (Out The Box) with our D&R Dayner analog consolle (customized to accomodate Euphonic MC Mix control surface) together our outboards like Focusrite, Urei, D’Anca, dbx, TLA, Aphex, Drawner.

Available DAW are Apple Logic Pro 9.x, Avid ProTools 10.x and Harrison Mixbus 2.x.

Available plug-ins are Waves (bundle GOLD, SSL, JJP, CLA, API, Eddy Kramer TTT, Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, Sound Design Suite); Abbey Road (all bundles); Softube (Tubetech CL-1B, PE-1C, Trident A e Brilliant pack); Metric Halo strip channel 3.x and Focusrite Forte Suite (RTAS).

See ours video demo (iuatwest project)Listen ours audio demo

Here our gears list

Available services are:

– Tracking

– Mixing

– Mastering

– Live recording

– Dubbing

– Arrangement

All services are available on the web