Our services are available on the web.


Do you need to record real drums or strings quartet but you haven’t dedicated room or recording gear?

Our sessionman are available to record every instruments you need.

During session you’ll be present in our studio by a messenger (i.e. Skype) to partecipate to the artistic performance.

After we send you, through web, all files in your preferred format.



You can freely choose, in our studio are available the best plug-ins (Waves, Softube, SPL, Abbey Roads, Metric Halo). Daw are available Apple Logic Pro, Avid ProTools and Harrisons Mixbus.

We have D&R Dayner analog desk from eighties customed to accomadate an Euphonics MC Mix control surface. Our outboards include Focusrite ISA220 (x2), DBX 162SL, DBX 160A (x2), Urei LA12, ART PRO VLA, TL Audio C2021 and others.


To work best we optimezed mastering chain into Apple Logic Pro. We created a custom multiband compressor and an original “reverse compressor” (it isn’t an expander) to minimize pump-effect into dynamic passage.

We can work with “stems” (instruments group i.e. drums, brass, strings, vocals).

See ours video demo (iuatwest project)Listen ours audio demo

Audio files characteristic:

peak: max -6dBfs
(better -9dBfs)
sample rate: minimun 44,1kHz
(NO MP3)
bit depth: minimun 16bit
format: Aiff, Wave
No limiting/compression on master

Dubbing and voiceover

We collaborate with several professional dubber and we have a significant experience on matter.

It’s available a professional translate service from/to english and french language.

We propose our studio to dub on sit-com, documentary and multimedia products.