Mastering is the last and delicate stage to finalize a musical album.

Here we uniform album’s songs (or tracks) to the same great-sounding.

To work best we optimezed mastering chain into Apple Logic Pro. We created a custom multiband compressor and an original “reverse compressor” (it isn’t an expander) to minimize pump-effect into dynamic passage.

We can work with “stems” (instruments group i.e. drums, brass, strings, vocals).

See ours video demo (iuatwest project)Listen ours audio demo

Audio files characteristic:

peak: max -6dBfs
(better -9dBfs)
sample rate: minimun 44,1kHz
(NO MP3)
bit depth: minimun 16bit
format: Aiff, Wave
No limiting/compression on master

Available services are:

– Tracking

– Mixing

– Mastering

– Live recording

– Dubbing

– Arrangement

All services are available on the web