Tracking is the first step to amazing recording.

To realize a better work we bought top microphones, microphone preamplifiers and audio converter AD/DA.

Our set-up include:

top condenser microphone

– Neumann U87ai (x2)

– Shoeps CMC5 and CMC6 (x8) + capsule MK4(x5), MK5(x2), MK8 and MK21

– AKG C414 B-ULS (x2), C414 TL-II (x2), C451e

top dynamic microphone

– Electrovoice RE20

– AKG D112 (x2)

– Sennheiser D421 (x3), D409

about our microphones see our blog here

microphone preamplifiers

– Millenia HV-3R + TD-1 (tube D.I. + premic)

– Amek Channel In a Box (CIB)

– Focusrite ISA428 (x2), ISA220 (x2)

– TL Audio C5001

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AD/DA converter

– Apogee Rosetta800 (8 channels)

– Focusrite A/D card on ISA428 (16 channels)

– Audio card MOTU 2408 MK III (I use only ADAT banks)

– Rosendahl nanosync wordclock generator and distributor

See ours video demo (iuatwest project)Listen ours audio demo

Here our gears list