Studio Recording

Our recording studio is divided in a control room (about 14m squared = 16.8yd squared)with a very interesting professional equipments and amazing audio monitor.

Control room is in eye contact with live room (about 9m squared = 10.8yd squared) through a wide window. Here it’s possible to record single musicians or little ensemble (like strings quartet or jazz trio) and it’s perfect how speech chamber.

We have amazing microphones like Neumann, Shoeps, AKG, Electrovoice and much more.

Also we have amazing microphone pre amplifier like Millenia and Focusrite.

In our controll room you found D&R Dayner a beautiful analog consolle from eighties. It has been customized to accomodate a Euphonic MC Mix control surface, keyboard, trackball and third computer screen.

Available outboards are Focusrite, DBX, Urei, D’Anca (same gear like Pultec), ART, TL Audio, Symetrix and others.

Available services are:

– Tracking

– Mixing

– Mastering

– Live recording

– Dubbing

– Arrangement

All services are available on the web