Price list

Updated mix offer to operating cost and our experience are the basics of ours bids.

Our flexibility is made to offer you a several solutions to live recording and to choose a better way to mix your music, sure enough mix OTB or ITB is resolved thanks to our DAW and a wide choice of plug-ins or by our analog consolle D&R Dayner.

Our services are available by single hour, three hour shift and a full day (ten hours).

In particular periods and occasions ( such summer holidays or christmas time ) check out for special offers.

According to the promotional project IUATWEST our special packages are designed for non-resident clients and we include overnight (B&B). Optional we offer you the possibility of discover Milan by night or to visit museum or exhibitios.


Single hour…………………€     45,00

Three hours shift………..€    120,00

One day (ten hours)……€    325,00

Special offer

Two days (20h)…………..€    600,00

Special packages

Three days (30h)………..€    850,00 + accommodation…€  400,00 = €     975,00

Five days (50h)…………..€ 1.250,00 + accommodation…€  550,00 = €  1.550,00

Seven days (70h)………..€ 1.575,00 + accommodation…€  700,00 = €  1.990,00

Live recording

from € 700,00(*) with rough mix and master on two CD-R or delivery all separated tracks on DVD-R (studio workout up to 4 hours)

(*) for example: workstation (laptop with audio card or Joeco BlackBox) + Millenia HV-3R + eights Shoeps microphones (classic package)


All prices are local tax included (22% IVA).

Not included:

– optional hire

– session man

– phisically media (like CD-R)

Payment of special offers and packages is due despite not full enjoyment.

Time access to the recording studio is flexible.

The break in the working day for a meal is included.

The accommodation is equipped for 4/6 people in apartments close to the studio premises. Actual fee has to be valued by the season.

Entrance fee to other facilities such as clubs, theaters, museums, exhibitions and anything else is not included.